Welcome to Onze Logistics, where a spectrum of dynamic activities defines our commitment to excellence. Our diverse range of activities spans the logistics and transportation industry, offering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

Diverse Activities, Tailored Solutions

At Onze Logistics, our core strength lies in the diversity of our activities. From freight forwarding and vessel chartering to customs warehousing and project cargo management, we engage in a wide array of services designed to meet the varied requirements of our clients.

Freight Forwarding:

Our expertise in freight forwarding ensures the smooth and efficient movement of goods across borders. We handle both air and sea freight with precision, optimizing supply chains and ensuring timely deliveries.

Vessel Chartering:

Navigating the seas with confidence, our vessel chartering services provide tailored maritime solutions. Whether you need bulk carriers, container vessels, or specialized ships, Onze Logistics offers flexible and reliable options.

Customs Warehousing:

In the realm of customs warehousing, we provide secure storage and streamlined customs procedures. Our Tallinn-based facilities offer strategic locations, ensuring efficient logistics for businesses requiring customs warehousing services.

Project Cargo Management:

For oversized and complex shipments, our project cargo management ensures meticulous planning and execution. From heavy machinery to large infrastructure components, we specialize in handling unique project cargo challenges.

Shipping Containers for Sale:

Our inventory of shipping containers for sale caters to various storage and transportation needs. Whether you’re expanding your business, planning a construction project, or need secure on-site storage, we offer high-quality containers for versatile solutions.

Why Choose Onze Logistics for Your Activities?

Comprehensive Expertise:

With comprehensive expertise across diverse activities, Onze Logistics serves as a one-stop solution for all your logistics and transportation needs. Our team is equipped to handle various challenges with skill and precision.

Tailored Solutions:

We understand that each client and project is unique. Our commitment to tailored solutions ensures that your specific requirements are met, providing a personalized approach to logistics that goes beyond one-size-fits-all services.

Transparent and Efficient Operations:

Transparency and efficiency define our operations. From clear communication to real-time updates, we prioritize keeping our clients informed throughout every stage of the logistics process, ensuring peace of mind.

About Onze Logistics

At Onze Logistics, our activities are driven by a commitment to excellence and a dedication to simplifying and optimizing the logistics experience. Explore the dynamic world of Onze Logistics, where diverse activities converge to create seamless and reliable solutions for your business. Your logistics journey begins here.